Blessings Multiply Learning Lessons

Blessings are Available

Even in dark times, blessings are available. Look closely and see:

I knew a man once who, when I gave him a quick blessing, told me, “I’ve been sick for two weeks and I’ll be sick for two more!”

That scared me.

I heard and saw how easy it is to blow off blessings.

I realized I could do this too often, and I probably have.

So I made a decision that has served me well: I will accept all blessings given to me, deeply and with gratefulness.

I will not tolerate my blowing off blessings. I will instead continue to be as receptive to blessings as I can.

And to say, “Thank you!” with enthusiasm and joy. Always. And to thank Jesus.

Blessings Multiply Key Article

Blessings Love to Multiply

Trust God To Multiply Your Resources, Even When They Don't ...

Blessings love to grow greater in us and in our lives.

Blessings love to spread to others.

In both these ways, blessings love to multiply.

Learn to enjoy watching them do this.

Help them do this even more and better by giving good blessings, yourself: stating and telling the truth about what Jesus has given us. Such as love, great favor, and so on.

Help blessings multiply even more and better by teaching others how to give good blessings.

It’s too easy in life to say a curse to ourselves or others without even realizing what we are doing. So make a deep decision before God to not do this anymore, and to always receive every blessing given you with joy, rejoicing, and open acceptance.

Blessings Multiply Church Life Discipleship Ministry Prayer

After Disciplemaking – What?

So now they (disciples) have transformed your Christian life through your learning to and the practice of making of disciples. So much changes when we do this. It’s exhilarating, joyous, fun and very, very encouraging. You learn a lot! You grow tremendously. This is a major step on your Christian journey, and this changes your life for the better. You are more rich for the rest of your life when you are making disciples.

What’s next?

  • Continuing to grow in applying Spiritual Gifts?
  • Continuing to grow in faith and applying faith?
  • Continuing to learn to get to know our Lord more?
  • Continuing growth in learning who you are in him?

Yes! All these are not only good, they interact with each other. There is synergistic growth – growth that multiplies and often grows exponentially. These are not only all good, they each provide what can be a wonderful pathway for a lifetime of growth on earth and into eternity.

And yes, there are other steps after Proclaiming the Good News that Jesus Taught. There is following the progression of things that Jesus taught and showed us so often and so wonderfully well, such as healing the sick & freeing the bound, (cleansing lepers and raising the dead), and the making of disciples of all people groups – all kinds of people. (See The Great Commission at Matthew 28.)

He showed this next step with the 12 and the 70, and more…and Paul showed step this every time he planted a local church.

What is this next step? Community and the expansion of Community. Why? Because it roots all Christian Community into the Trinity Community of Father, Son, & Holy Spirit. Or at least resonates with these Persons. And we all crave community and grow best in community – even us introverts!

Without this next step, churches stagnate and grow smaller. Too many are closing. The lack of this is the major reason evangelization is too often too hard these days, and yields so little fruit with too much work.

Ecclesias! Ecclesias enforce the standards and method of the Kingdom of God and results in the rapid and healthy spread of Christian Community.

Ecclesias made of disciples who encourage, support and edify one another. Who socialize, share Communion, and who serve one another.

Ecclesias are the major driving element that results in New Testament speeds of making new Christians and planting new local churches.

What’s their first gigantic step in serving each other and in serving others, resulting in so much marketplace ministry that the Ecclesias reach so many and transform the people they touch through Jesus and born again into the Kingdom of God?

Prayer. Massive amounts of loving and faith filled prayer. Prayer for one another. Prayer for others they know about. Prayer for community people they network with and can so easily touch. People who need help and have needs. Oh, yes! People with needs who are thus prayer and ministry targets.

What are prayer and ministry targets? Prayer for and ministry to people and situations where you can see the wanted results as the Kingdom of God spreads.

Massive prayer precedes and results in people being sent. Sent to share the Gospel, to minister, to make new Christians, disciples, form Ecclesias that result in the planting of local churches.

Blessings Multiply Calling Ministry Success

Realize & Accept Who You Are Called To?

When you finally realize and accept who God called you to minister to, who God equipped you to minister to, and who are the people group in your heart, you will:

  • When you find who God calls you to, you will find your love and enjoyment through.
  • You will find love streaming through your heart to them.
  • The love of God flows through you and ministers to them.
  • You know you are authentic and real and so is your love, when you discover and accept who God called you to serve.
  • Many people are waiting for you and for the message God is giving you. Reaching them is easy when you accept this.
  • You reach them with the smile of God.
  • You are gifted to serve them and to minister to them.
  • God gifted these people to receive through you.
  • Love pours out to them, and from them to you. That’s the love of God.

Blessings Multiply Generational Blessings Missing the mark: Sin

Blessings, Curses, & Generations

A lot of us are very confused about what the Scriptures say about the Law. Especially from sections of the Old Testament.

The word translated so often as “law” comes from the Hebrew word Torah. People frequently think the Torah means law. It can. It can also be translated, I am told, as “Teachings”.

I like “Teachings” better. I have, like a lot of us, a lot of baggage around the word “law”. Baggage makes it harder to be receptive.

Personally, I love the notion that God teaches. I love to do what God teaches to do and to avoid what God teaches us not to do. (I also love the results that come from doing as he teaches.)

Deuteronomy 28 is pretty simple, even though we humans can make it complicated. It boils down to this: when we do what God teaches us to do, we experience what human beings experience as blessings. All sorts of Good Stuff. When we do what God teaches us not to do, we experience what feels like curses; we feel cursed. All sorts of bad stuff.

God does not actually curse us any more than a parent curses a child who grabs the handle of a hot iron skillet when a parent says not to do that. The child experiences consequences of what the parent told them – tried to teach them – to not do.

Human traditions (too often twisted traditions) and the way Scripture is often translated can make this seem far worse than it is. God is not mean or judgemental. Those are things we humans (too often) do.

When we do what God teaches us to do, we experience what seems like blessings. Hurray!

Behind any behavior – holy act or sin – are a collection of attitudes and beliefs. Which are easily passed on in a family. For generations, sometimes. A collection of such attitudes and beliefs can lead to behaviors – even to sin. Or to holiness (being set apart to God).

Attitudes and beliefs, passed on, can even lead to behaviors – not experienced for generations – being done anew. Being done again.

Even sinful or holy behaviors.

Then it looks like behaviors which are in aline with what God teaches or against what God teaches – can be re-created. Generated anew, even after generations.

A behavior that goes against what God teaches can be passed down easily for 3-4 generations. A behavior which God teaches – with a collection of attitudes and beliefs – can be passed down for many, many generations. It’s self-reinforcing! Of course it gets passed down more.

So clearing generational curses is simple. Repent on behalf of what needs a transformed mind about – what you and your ancestors believed and did that is not in line with what God chooses. (Easy – choose to love God with all your heart, mind and strength. Receive Gods love and let it spill over, automatically, to all others.) Choose what is in line with the Kingdom of God. Repent and believe in the Kings way of doing things in the Kingdom.

Teach this to anyone you can, especially children. Especially children you are responsible for.

You not only clear “generational curses”, you can also be the first generation of a long, long line of generational blessings!

Blessings Multiply Joy Kingdom of God Presence of God

Like Fireworks Exploding, Watch Blessings Multiply

One of my favorite things in the world to do, that has become a great habit, is to look expectantly for blessings to watch.

It is the nature of blessings to multiply!

Blessings grow in the life of a person being blessed, and multiply. Blessings grow and spread to more people: and multiply!

Watch this happening. Expect this. Pray for this. Give thanks for how blessings multiply like fireworks in the sky on a July 4th day of Independence in the U.S.A. Glorious!

One result: by looking for how blessings multiply, you will see this multiplication more often. You will have more reason to rejoice. More confidence in God. More joy in your life.

Enjoy watching blessings multiply and grow in people and among people, and in nature, beauty, and just having the ability to breathe with joy!