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Okay – here we start, for real:

You can learn to minister more like Jesus. More effective, easy & simple than our human traditions.

Ask Father how to pray and do as you are shown and told.

You can minister like Jesus, 
with compassion and power.

In this broken world, there are too many problems. People are hurting. You can help by ministering like Jesus. 

Announce the Good News that the Kingdom of God is now here and always within reach (at hand, and nearby). In this context, heal the sick, free the bound, and make disciples of all kinds of people (ethnos, all people-groups).

Bring the Kingdom into where the Adversary was ruling, creating pain and problems.

And…make Disciples Who Multiply and Make yet More Disciples. Who minister to more people and their hurts and needs.

Jesus never taught us to make converts. He said to make disciples, people who learn and act on what they learn from him.

What the Good News that Jesus actually preached is and what it means—which differs from what the Apostles taught after Jesus Ascended—those who minister need a more complete understanding both versions of the Gospel. Allowing you to minister with greater ease and more power.

Then expand the Kingdom of God by planting Ecclesias—which differ from most modern churches.

So I will write about:

  • How Jesus taught us how to heal the sick, free the bound, and how to make disciples of all kinds of people—disciples who multiply, and who make yet more disciples.
  • When miracles are more likely to happen. It’s easier than you may expect to prepare the way for God to do this.
  • How Jesus taught and showed us—how to evangelize and do missionary work.
  • Planting Churches—Ecclesias. Without making the work harder than it needs to be and without using other methods that inadvertently make both evangelism and finances for missionaries difficult.

I will also post about how we human beings can experience what is in Scripture. The promises made to us and how to experience the promises.

I will add new articles, from time to time, which will appear at the top of the Blog. Some articles are by guest authors, giving you a fresh view.

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