Blessings Multiply Generational Blessings Missing the mark: Sin

Blessings, Curses, & Generations

A lot of us are very confused about what the Scriptures say about the Law. Especially from sections of the Old Testament.

The word translated so often as “law” comes from the Hebrew word Torah. People frequently think the Torah means law. It can. It can also be translated, I am told, as “Teachings”.

I like “Teachings” better. I have, like a lot of us, a lot of baggage around the word “law”. Baggage makes it harder to be receptive.

Personally, I love the notion that God teaches. I love to do what God teaches to do and to avoid what God teaches us not to do. (I also love the results that come from doing as he teaches.)

Deuteronomy 28 is pretty simple, even though we humans can make it complicated. It boils down to this: when we do what God teaches us to do, we experience what human beings experience as blessings. All sorts of Good Stuff. When we do what God teaches us not to do, we experience what feels like curses; we feel cursed. All sorts of bad stuff.

God does not actually curse us any more than a parent curses a child who grabs the handle of a hot iron skillet when a parent says not to do that. The child experiences consequences of what the parent told them – tried to teach them – to not do.

Human traditions (too often twisted traditions) and the way Scripture is often translated can make this seem far worse than it is. God is not mean or judgemental. Those are things we humans (too often) do.

When we do what God teaches us to do, we experience what seems like blessings. Hurray!

Behind any behavior – holy act or sin – are a collection of attitudes and beliefs. Which are easily passed on in a family. For generations, sometimes. A collection of such attitudes and beliefs can lead to behaviors – even to sin. Or to holiness (being set apart to God).

Attitudes and beliefs, passed on, can even lead to behaviors – not experienced for generations – being done anew. Being done again.

Even sinful or holy behaviors.

Then it looks like behaviors which are in aline with what God teaches or against what God teaches – can be re-created. Generated anew, even after generations.

A behavior that goes against what God teaches can be passed down easily for 3-4 generations. A behavior which God teaches – with a collection of attitudes and beliefs – can be passed down for many, many generations. It’s self-reinforcing! Of course it gets passed down more.

So clearing generational curses is simple. Repent on behalf of what needs a transformed mind about – what you and your ancestors believed and did that is not in line with what God chooses. (Easy – choose to love God with all your heart, mind and strength. Receive Gods love and let it spill over, automatically, to all others.) Choose what is in line with the Kingdom of God. Repent and believe in the Kings way of doing things in the Kingdom.

Teach this to anyone you can, especially children. Especially children you are responsible for.

You not only clear “generational curses”, you can also be the first generation of a long, long line of generational blessings!