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Please Be Careful What You Say….


Imagine, if you will, being an Empath (feeling what others feel, or even feeling things around you – which can make you a gifted mechanic if you can feel what car parts are like – or skilled with plants or with animals – maybe even gifted with people), and highly sensitive (noticing and responding deeply to all sensory input). These are wonderful and powerful gifts, though not always appreciated by today’s macho, rationalistic society.

(There are Empaths in this world. Most of them are people who are highly sensitive. Some researchers suggest 20% of the population is gifted this way, and they are useful to the rest of us because they notice things we have overlook. Such gifts are especially useful for leaders, for people-groups of all kinds; useful for counselors, healers, and intercessors. For teachers, and all who are gifted leaders in church who help prepare the saints – that’s all of us – for service.)

Imagine being asked to study propaganda in depth, a long series of very convincing videos that explain how a particular group of people (another political party, of course) is full of child molesters, and even people who drink the blood of babies. Seriously. A long series of videos to show and prove how such things are actually real.

And then later being told by others that since you do not happen to appreciate, laud and love a particular politician, you must be one of these awful people you have had rehearsed so much through studies friends repeatedly ask you to engage in.

Imagine, if you will, being sent videos (and very convincing ones) about a vaccine, and being told it is dangerous not only to you, but to people around you.

So dangerous are you assumed you will be, if you take such a vaccine, that a good friend will no longer tolerate being around you or be in your presence because you are so dangerous.

Most people who send such videos and propaganda for you to consume do so with deep sincerity and the best of intentions – to protect you from such horrors.

Some creators of such propaganda also have good intentions, to share an important message. Even when some knowingly and systemically exaggerate to make their point stronger. (When I was younger and more insecure, I used to do such things myself. I understand!)

Imagine, if you will, that you happen to rather strongly suspect that some people are purposely propagating lies. Sometimes for their purposes that they deem good. Others, perhaps, love to share mischief or even wilful evil.

Imagine, further, being told by someone else that your choice to do such a thing as to have this dangerous, killing vaccine – that is so dangerous to yourself and to others – if you make such a choice, this amounts to a decision to be a serial killer.

Remember – as an Empath and highly sensitive person, you imagine and feel the message, it’s details, it’s intent — deeply. Very deeply. Even if you decide for yourself that this propaganda is not real. You are still affected. Even if you happen to believe this is all based on lies being propagated for political purposes. Lies, lies, and more lies – or so it seems to you. Imagine experiencing such things as these.

And you are considered to be the equivalent of a serial killer whose very presence is considered dangerous and unwanted. And you are one of the people in this world who when told they are unwanted, you tend to automatically feel this too much. (I think a lot of us are like this.)

Now that you’ve imagined all this as if you were a highly sensitive Empath (thank you for going along with this), and you’ve taken these things in very deeply – let’s consider something more.

Can such things be real? Maybe all these messages are genuine and always sincere! You just happen to be highly sensitive and empathic.

Nah! Such imaginings are unrealistic and unplausible. Such things cannot be real. No one would communicate such things on purpose, would they? But some people do communicate such things. And many who do so do this with the very best of intentions!

What do you think? What kingdom do these stories and messages come from? The Kingdom of God?


Blessings Multiply Generational Blessings Missing the mark: Sin

Blessings, Curses, & Generations

A lot of us are very confused about what the Scriptures say about the Law. Especially from sections of the Old Testament.

The word translated so often as “law” comes from the Hebrew word Torah. People frequently think the Torah means law. It can. It can also be translated, I am told, as “Teachings”.

I like “Teachings” better. I have, like a lot of us, a lot of baggage around the word “law”. Baggage makes it harder to be receptive.

Personally, I love the notion that God teaches. I love to do what God teaches to do and to avoid what God teaches us not to do. (I also love the results that come from doing as he teaches.)

Deuteronomy 28 is pretty simple, even though we humans can make it complicated. It boils down to this: when we do what God teaches us to do, we experience what human beings experience as blessings. All sorts of Good Stuff. When we do what God teaches us not to do, we experience what feels like curses; we feel cursed. All sorts of bad stuff.

God does not actually curse us any more than a parent curses a child who grabs the handle of a hot iron skillet when a parent says not to do that. The child experiences consequences of what the parent told them – tried to teach them – to not do.

Human traditions (too often twisted traditions) and the way Scripture is often translated can make this seem far worse than it is. God is not mean or judgemental. Those are things we humans (too often) do.

When we do what God teaches us to do, we experience what seems like blessings. Hurray!

Behind any behavior – holy act or sin – are a collection of attitudes and beliefs. Which are easily passed on in a family. For generations, sometimes. A collection of such attitudes and beliefs can lead to behaviors – even to sin. Or to holiness (being set apart to God).

Attitudes and beliefs, passed on, can even lead to behaviors – not experienced for generations – being done anew. Being done again.

Even sinful or holy behaviors.

Then it looks like behaviors which are in aline with what God teaches or against what God teaches – can be re-created. Generated anew, even after generations.

A behavior that goes against what God teaches can be passed down easily for 3-4 generations. A behavior which God teaches – with a collection of attitudes and beliefs – can be passed down for many, many generations. It’s self-reinforcing! Of course it gets passed down more.

So clearing generational curses is simple. Repent on behalf of what needs a transformed mind about – what you and your ancestors believed and did that is not in line with what God chooses. (Easy – choose to love God with all your heart, mind and strength. Receive Gods love and let it spill over, automatically, to all others.) Choose what is in line with the Kingdom of God. Repent and believe in the Kings way of doing things in the Kingdom.

Teach this to anyone you can, especially children. Especially children you are responsible for.

You not only clear “generational curses”, you can also be the first generation of a long, long line of generational blessings!

Discipleship, Getting Help Intercession Kingdom of God Missing the mark: Sin Pain Prayer

Prophecy or Judgement?

I believe this is a lesson Father wants me to learn and act upon:

I have a friend who has wonderful prophetic gifts.

Who also has a wonderful capacity to see where someone, especially professing Christians, are wrong. Especially where they are being hypocritical or falling short.

Such an ability can be used to judge, having been hurt and angered by what is seen. And then to do nothing to help them be fully restored.

Emotional healing is needed. Such a person needs to be restored. So they are free to minister in the love of Jesus rather than to judge.

I pray that such a friend, such a person, will come to Jesus to receive emotional healing. That I will have the wisdom to know how to intercede for such a person, and to know how to offer such emotional healing prayer with them. Then to exhort and encourage them to use their gifts to minister where they see need, where they see other Christians missing the mark.

Knowing what ministry is needed, such an ability and gifting can be used to exhort, teach and minister. To restore and redeem, in Jesus.

Knowing what a ministry target Father has on his heart.

For ministry. Not judgement.

Do you know such a person? Highly gifted, hurt and angry? Judgemental?

Who has been missing the opportunity to minister the love of Jesus; to heal, restore? To love, exhort and to teach?

I believe we are sent to extend the mission of Jesus and the Kingdom of God. To help redeem, reconcile and restore.

People may disappoint and even hurt us. Does Jesus want us to judge and leave those people in having missed the mark?

What does Jesus want such a prophetically gifted person to do?

Do you know such a person, or have such a friend?

I have been missing the mark. I have not interceded enough. I have not offered prayer for emotional healing in a way that speaks to my friend. I have not helped my friend – I just see what is missing and wrong.

I am missing the mark. I am sinning. I have the same kind of problem that my friend has. Oh, the irony of this!

Is the Kingdom of God meant to be a multi-level organization of judgement? Where we each see what is wrong with each other and then judge? Or a place where God calls us to do our own part to help create a multi-level Kingdom of restoration, where we each minister with love and joy?

Please pray that I receive every bit of healing and wisdom that I need. So I minister with and in the love of Jesus and see my friend restored. That I not judge. That I not do nothing.