Blessings Multiply Key Article

Blessings Love to Multiply

Trust God To Multiply Your Resources, Even When They Don't ...

Blessings love to grow greater in us and in our lives.

Blessings love to spread to others.

In both these ways, blessings love to multiply.

Learn to enjoy watching them do this.

Help them do this even more and better by giving good blessings, yourself: stating and telling the truth about what Jesus has given us. Such as love, great favor, and so on.

Help blessings multiply even more and better by teaching others how to give good blessings.

It’s too easy in life to say a curse to ourselves or others without even realizing what we are doing. So make a deep decision before God to not do this anymore, and to always receive every blessing given you with joy, rejoicing, and open acceptance.

By David Burnet

I encourage people to learn and grow, including to minister more like Jesus as shown in Scripture.

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