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Deal with Physical or Emotional Pain, Powerfully.

Surprise! Our Lord has already provided for you. For me. For everyone you know and love and care about. For everyone else, too.

So let’s receive and accept the Provision already given to us.

You can feel the pain. You pretty much cannot help but feel it. So…choose to allow yourself to feel it. (You are going to feel it anyway.) Just being aware of the emotional or the physical pain — or even both kinds of pain!

Allow yourself to not be attached to the pain that you feel. You can feel it yet not identify with itNOT as if to say to yourself inwardly, “I am this pain”. But rather, “I am aware of this passing pain.” Because….

All pain passes. New pain may come, but all pain passes. Acute pain may be terrible but usually does not last long. Chronic pain is usually not as strong as acute pain, but it goes on for a while – usually too long. It passes. All pain passes, and pain has a process.

Yes, pain has a process that too few of us know about and even fewer of us remember to use often enough. (I am beginning to learn to use this, and I thank God for this!)

I wake in pain nearly every morning. I am learning: breathe deeply. Feel the pain and let it be what it is, just feel it – it is in process. Feel it without identifying with it. It is there, it is all too definite. I am not that pain.

After I feel the pain for a while – which was going to happen anyway, it eases off. It disappears. It has gone through it’s own process.

But how do we not identify with the pain and keep some distance? How do we really have awareness of pain without it filling us up so much that we are literally full of pain?

One of the best ways is to invite Holy Spirit. “Lord, fill me with more of your Holy Spirit”, you can ask. Use words and labels that are evocative for you. Pain is very, very personal. So you get to be personal.

The Kingdom of God is literally within reach. Now. God’s rule instead of the rule of an Adversary in a broken world where there are to many kinds of pain and problems. Reach out, ask, call on the name of the Lord. Really, yes, really do this. With deep and focused intention.

He has promised he will come and save you when you call on him. Many times he has made such a promise. (Use your search engine to find many such promises, if you like. You can make note of them, write them down, underline them, highlight them – whatever is helpful and good for you.)

When you are aware of even a little bit of Holy Spirit, when you are aware of even a little bit of the Presence of God, or of Immanuel – a name of Jesus meaning, “God is with us” – and nearby if not even in you already – use such a name; or Yahweh, if you like. Or the short form, Yah! Of Yeshua. Or simply Jesus. Or “I Am”. Whatever name of the Lord you relate best to, in this moment.

When you have such awareness, your emotional of physical pain is in process, you are not completely identified with it, it is not all that is filling your conscious awareness.

The pain is processing. You are breathing deeply in an ongoing way. The pain eases off and gradually disappears.

Do this often enough and you will come to trust this process, this provision that God has given us already – you will come to trust this process even more. Which will make willingly going through this process more inviting and certain to you.

You may become aware of another pain. Pain is often in layers, like an onion.

Reiterate the process. Repeat it with every kind of physical and emotional pain that arises into your awareness. Preferably one at a time.

God has created a process for pain. Promised to be with you, in you, for you – and to respond when the name of the Lord is called.

So put these to work.

The process I have described here with many words is actually quite simple once you are doing it.

Do it.

Don’t just read about this, please do it.

And I’d love to hear from you, about how this went well for you or not. I can learn with you, maybe even say something useful. Or you say something useful for me. Or better yet, even both!

I’m Email me, I’d love to hear from you.

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Setting the Presence of God

King David set the Presence of God at his right hand. See Psalm 16:8, Acts 2:25. You can do this by sincere intention and prayer, too!

Angels do what God says. God has said, many times (use your Internet search engine for this if you want examples), “Be holy.”

That is, be set apart, be consecrated.

So…say what God says. Say what God said. Be what God says to be, do what God says to do. Discover what happens!

Considering this meditatively while at an electronic church meeting, someone (K.) spoke of a need for the Presence of God for someone else, someone close to her.

So if we can set the Presence of God for ourselves as King David did, if we can say what God said – it is likely angels may help.

I had a micro-vision: Four angels at corners of my property, with Temple with Presence of God in the Temple. Four angels around me personally, at corners of the Temple.

You are the Temple of God. You literally carry God’s Presence.

Angels who worship often carry the Presence of God and the atmosphere of heaven in a powerful way. Help make the experience of the Presence of God stronger where you are, too. In worship services. In church. In the Temple of God — in you!

Why not pray for someone, and set the Presence in and around where they are personally. Their personal space. Their car. Where they live. Where they work. Such prayer is called intercession.


–This is for K. Keep praying!

Discipleship, Getting Help


Help is available. Our Lord will help, and is glad to do so.

Our part is to Ask. Simply Ask.

Ask with openness, with readiness to receive.

Too many times in my own life I have struggled, worried, been in pain that was not necessary.

As soon as I remembered to Ask, help came. Quickly and well, such help came.

I teach people to do this, and I still can too easily forget to Ask.

And when I do remember, and Ask, help comes.

Ask. Be sincere, deeply open, ready to receive and maybe even to learn.

Help will come. Our Lord is good, and generous. So Ask.

Discipleship Joy

Overwhelm – When Grief or any other Feelings are Too Strong

My wife of 50+ years died, unexpectedly. Grief was strong, and later, too long. I discovered something that helped wonderfully. I wonder how much what I found can help you….

Grief or other feelings can be too strong and last so long that the pain is overwhelming. Life is interfered with. I tried some experiments that made a huge change, and I encourage you to experiment and explore too – to see what works for you and how well it works.

This seems to work well with every kind of overwhelm I’ve experienced and experimented with. I believe this will help you, too; and it’s easy!

So…what experiments have I tried that helped so much? Simple ones.

  1. I asked Holy Spirit to fill me more, or to be filled more with Holy Spirit. Gladly received by faith. Not a big deal – just asking. Holy Spirit came, gently and quietly. Grief was still present, but became pretty small – and quite manageable. I still felt what I need to feel without denial. And without grief overwhelming my life.
  2. I remembered to put the Kingdom of God first. Sometimes right standing with God and Kingdom of God first. All my values automatically re-ordered. Correctly and well. And Grief stopped being at the top as when I was caught up in Grief and inadvertently made an idol out of it.

Both of these approaches worked well. Every time. That’s amazing.

I’m wondering what other human experiences can be improved by doing these things – I look forward to more exploration and experimentation.

It is wonderful that now I find I am automatically applying asking for more of Holy Spirit at other times when I become unresourceful. Other kinds of pain are helped and the habit is spreading. Feels like this spreading is automatic. This is better than I expected.

I wonder what will happen when you experiment with this. I’d love to learn, and to hear from you.


Joy in the Morning

This morning when I woke, I spoke out loud, gently, and said, “Good morning”. To each, by name: Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit. I do not recall having ever done this before.

I suddenly noticed – I was filled with joy!

I am eager to address the Trinity more often. To experiment and explore what happens.

If you do something like this, I would love to learn what you experience what you are able to notice.

May you have joy in the morning!