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I’m a Christian & I have a Spirit Guide

Yes, I have a Spirit Guide.

When I pay attention, ask, listen and do as shown or told, I do extremely well in life and in ministry.

When I do things on my own, sometimes things go well. Sometimes not. Sometimes I am smart and effective. Sometimes I am, by hindsight, incapable of doing smart things on my own. So I need help.

If only I could reach Jesus and get the help I need.

My Spirit Guide tells me what Jesus has to say to me, now.

Is this wrong, do you think?

Am I misled? Is this more foolishness in my life? Or am I perhaps beginning to touch wisdom, at least a bit?

Do you have The Spirit Guide? Do you want him?

If you have The Spirit Guide, do you pay close attention, often?

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Weary? A Slightly Surprising Answer

Rest in Christ

28 “Come to me, all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me; for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”

Matthew 11:28-30;

When you are weary, rest and relief is available. It may be a little different than expected, though; Jesus is often surprising.

I’ll get right to it, no fooling around and being careful and slow. Here it is: he will give us rest. Especially as we add to ourselves some of his qualities. Such as being gentle and humble of heart.

When we are learning from Jesus and allowing him to take our (heavy) yoke, not only is he stronger than we, he is also being gentle and humble of heart.

Which means we are not being proud, when we ask him like this. Not being proud, when we are being gentle and humble of heart.

I don’t know about you, but when I am weary and find rest, by hindsight is is easy for me to be clear: while I was weary I had been being proud. Carrying a heavy burden and being proud about it.

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A Revelation that Jesus Loves You?

When you get this revelation, what do you look like? How are you looking different?

Would you like to know?

Have a personal revelation from Jesus himself that affects you and transforms you and improves your life. Changes how you experience your universe.

You need to know. You hunger for the truth of this deep on the inside.

You can find out. Have a conversation with Jesus and listen. Ask what you hunger to know so that when you hear this from him, there will be no question in your mind.

When Jesus tells you such a thing as this, you know. You know that you know. You feel it in your heart, soul, and the feeling overflows into your body. So much so it changes you.

I wonder who else will notice the changes in you?

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We Miss What Jesus Didn’t Say

In our culture, we notice things thing spoken. This is especially true of the more left-brained among us, the more verbally oriented.

We too often miss things that Jesus shows us but does not put into words.

We need what he speaks about, and we need what he shows us: we need both!

He tells people, not infrequently, that it was their faith that made them whole (healed them). Yet it was their faith touching his Anointing that resulted in the miracle; that’s when miracles often happen.

He shows us exorcism, but does not tell us it’s the same underlying process used in healing!

He tells us to heal when preaching The Good News of the Kingdom. He shows, but does not tell us it’s the same underlying process.

He tells us to free the bound, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, and make disciples of all people groups. He shows, but does not tell us it’s the same underlying process.

I believe if the dead were unwilling to be raised, they would not be: it needs agreement.

Miracles involving people being healed or freed seem to require some agreement; it takes some decision.

Miracles involving things such as calming a storm – he commands. Yet we hear not of water being turned into wine – was it implicit? (He told his mother what to do – was that enough? The rest implicit? I wonder….)

He commanded a storm, commands material things & demons – neither of which have their own authority and are under his authority. Now our authority, too. I do not recall him explaining such differences. He showed us differences.

I can’t claim to know every example and that I can even explain every example. What I can tell you is this: watch what Jesus shows us and listen to what he tells us with words. You may learn something new and even something wonderful.

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Jesus Confuses on Purpose

It has long been my observation that Jesus would sometimes speak metaphorically, while speaking of it as if he were speaking literally. (See John 3:1-7, for example.) I suspect this is a way of shocking his listeners. This was especially strong when he was saying to eat his flesh and drink his blood. He lost listeners. He had to know what was happening; and he did it anyway.

This has had such a powerful impact that down through the years this still gains great attention and thought. Jesus did this on purpose, I believe. And not infrequently, either. It’s part of the way Jesus surprises us with how he communicates.

Surprising communication gains attention and thought. This is part of how Jesus communicates. On purpose. Even today….

Would you like to learn and practice learning how to communicate like Jesus? (I know I am eager to do this. Easier to say than to do.)

I could have inserted “Sometimes” in the title but did not. How am I doing? A bit of shock and confusion? If I succeed, you will remember this.