Hearing God Jesus's Communication

Jesus Confuses on Purpose

It has long been my observation that Jesus would sometimes speak metaphorically, while speaking of it as if he were speaking literally. (See John 3:1-7, for example.) I suspect this is a way of shocking his listeners. This was especially strong when he was saying to eat his flesh and drink his blood. He lost listeners. He had to know what was happening; and he did it anyway.

This has had such a powerful impact that down through the years this still gains great attention and thought. Jesus did this on purpose, I believe. And not infrequently, either. It’s part of the way Jesus surprises us with how he communicates.

Surprising communication gains attention and thought. This is part of how Jesus communicates. On purpose. Even today….

Would you like to learn and practice learning how to communicate like Jesus? (I know I am eager to do this. Easier to say than to do.)

I could have inserted “Sometimes” in the title but did not. How am I doing? A bit of shock and confusion? If I succeed, you will remember this.

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