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Prayer Partners

Praying just may work more powerfully and wonderfully with prayer partners. And there are simple, easy and very different ways of doing this.

You can ask Jesus to pray with you. Your Helper to pray with you. Both! And you can ask Father, who also loves to help you pray.

Jesus often sent his disciples out in pairs. Apostles frequently went with a partner.

If you go to minister, take a partner. If you can’t take one, find one on the way or where you are going to minister. Ask them to partner with you.

Explain in advance what you intend to do and what you expect. Discuss afterwards how things went, so you both can review and learn. This is key to disciple making, by the way!

You can ask them to help you with practical details and to help things go more smoothly. Allow them to make a vital contribution this way.

You will discover that most of the time when you pray with a prayer partner, your prayers are not only better, more inspired, loving and powerful – you’ll discover that you get better results, too.

When you have a group present – ask the people to pray for you, to pray for the person ministering. That you follow Jesus better, and minister with love, faith and power even more effectively. This usually has very noticeable effects. It draws the group in. It helps them help minister to you.

It multiplies the power of your ministry. Many effective minsters have people pray before, during and after ministry time. More effective ministry happens: the ministering person is more inspired and inspiring. More gifted. The power of Holy Spirit is more noticeable.

Have prayer partners with you. Have prayer partners who are part of your regular intercessory team – those who intercede for your family, for you and your ministry. All will be more safe and more effective. Have prayer partners at a distance.

Have as many prayer partners as you can, near and far. Before, during and after ministry. Which is especially valuable when you are traveling to minister in any way, including teaching. Everyone is safer, more gifted at giving and receiving. More full of compassion and Holy Spirit. More powerful and effective.

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