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Transfer Power & Authority – Stage One

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Stage One: Teach with Examples. Demonstration & Testimony, also Parable & Story.

An example that motivates can result from an experience or from the various kinds of stories – a story you remember that motivates.

Different examples have interesting characteristics:

Demonstration is vivid and convincing. Disciple makers often start with demonstrating how to do something and its value. Such as Preaching or Teaching the Good News of the Kingdom of God that Jesus Preached and using that context for healing or setting someone free. Showing this is a brilliant way to make disciples.

Testimony is a story that happened, that is real. Testimony implies that the same can happen to you. Spoken prophetically to build faith and point to it’s happening to you next.

Parable is the shortest kind of story Jesus used, it applies to us all. Using common culturally known information and people without names, you understand a parable easily applied to yourself.

These are stories. Stories that motivate, show context and importance, that show how something happens or how you accomplish something.

Use unique examples in various situations; you can even use several types. Have fun with your examples, and your student-learners will have fun, too.

In the meantime, go read Stage Two – Transfer Power & Authority.


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