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Transfer Power & Authority – A Series – Overview

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Overview: You can effectively and thoroughly transfer skills, power and authority to disciples in three stages.

This series is designed to give you a mental map, an easy to remember overview of how to go and minister as Jesus.

Go exemplify and help someone experience ministry that begins with Jesus.

Prepare the way with prayer and command. Then,

Stage One: Teach with Examples. Demonstration & Testimony, also Parable & Story.

Stage Two: Transfer by Laying on of Hands.

Stage Three: Disciples Implement through Prayer and Command.

This Overview is the first part of a brief series about how to equip others to do some important things that Jesus taught and said to do.

Jesus gave us power and authority. Which includes how to do a thing, how to get it done.

Such as Preaching the Good News of the Kingdom, Healing the Sick (including Lepers), Freeing the Bound, Raising the Dead. Some will want to learn and do. Make Disciples of all kinds of people. Disciples who Multiply and start Ecclesias that plant yet more churches.

So…how do we transfer skills, authority, and power? It’s useful to have this overview in mind. Then to go on and Prepare the way.


OverviewPrepareStage OneStage TwoStage Three

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