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Transfer Power & Authority – Stage Two

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Stage Two: Transfer by Laying on of Hands.

Miracles happen when faith comes into contact with the Anointing – the experience of the Anointing is the experience of Holy Spirit applied to God’s purpose.

Your faith, the faith of the receiver – or both – touching the Anointing is an explosive combination that results in power and authority being transferred. Including power and authority for healing, or to give gifts for ministry to another person.

Lay hands on your student-learner when it is time and they are ready – when you are not sure when or how, ask first.

Please see that the person receiving – whether you or someone else – activates what has happened quickly by acting on it.

Preferably, then telling (testifying) to someone else about what just happened. (People healed, set free, cleansed, raised, given gifts, or new to the Kingdom: act quickly on what just happened and tell the truth of that to someone as a witness who can confirm what was just said.)

This is invaluable in confirming the miracle that just took place, setting it firmly in memory, and making commitment stronger.

Read Stage Three: Disciples Implement through Prayer and Command.


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