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Greeting Members of Trinity

Prague – The baroque painting of Holy Trinity in church kostel Svatého Tomáše by Karel Škréta (1610 – 1674).

In the morning, you can say, “Good morning, Father. And pause. Good morning, Jesus. And pause. Good morning, Holy Spirit. Pause.

When you do this, you can feel the difference. And you are in touch with a Holy Community, a Community of the Three Persons of the Trinity: (One) God.

God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Each a different person, yet each fully and completely God. A mystery….

Throughout the day and evening, you can greet the members of the Trinity, one at a time. Pausing each time.

When you pause, you can often feel or otherwise notice a response. Stay with that. No need to rush!

When you go to sleep, say, “Goodnight…” to each of the three members of this Holy Community of Oneness — three Persons, One God.

Expect to sleep more easily and well. I do. I believe you can, too.

Pause after each time you speak. Notice and feel the response; notice how you are being made different.

This is your genuine family. In this family, I am a brother of yours. You have many sisters, many brothers, in Christ. All connected to our genuine family, the Trinity.

Greet each other. Pause, listen, look and feel. Notice what you experience, and how you are different.

Keep doing this and you will notice transformation taking place. Others will notice, too, “18 And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord,[a] are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another.[b] For this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit.” 2 Corinthians 3:18, ESV

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Invitation to Encounter

Every time you want more of God, Every time God whispers or speaks to you, every time you simply long or more — our Lord speaking to you, directly and indirectly. Inviting you to a further encounter with him.

The Trinity speaks to you. You may speak to the Trinity, all at once or individually. I encourage you to explore both — you may be wonderfully surprised. I certainly was. Again, and again and again – I am surprised!

God’s first language is not English. The whisper of Still Small Voice is without words, even – though it can be translated into words. More or less. A Gift of Knowledge may come as a memory, an association, a symbol, something perhaps seen, maybe heard, often felt. All kinds of ways. Through co-incidences. It’s fairly safe to say that God speaks to you in all ways possible.

Can it be that every time God speaks to you in different ways, it is a different form of a Gift of Knowledge? If so, and you accept this, then you are receiving Gifts of Knowledge far more often than you probably have thought. You may be receiving but not yet noticing other gifts as well.

Spiritual Gifts of every kind are more frequent than most of us believe, and each one – each time – is an invitation to encounter.

So don’t just pay attention to your favorite ways like I have done for too long. You’ll miss too much.

God’s different ways of speaking to you is for his purposes. And they serve well for his purposes. So pay attention to a connection of how you “hear” and his purposes; your learning to hear will speed up tremendously.

Each way God speaks to you is an invitation to an encounter with him.

I don’t really know yet if God speaks to us all the time. At times I have certainly thought so, and I’ve found this can be a useful assumption — it gets me to listen much more often and much better, too.

I’ve often wondered why there is no name in Scriptures for God like, “Lord of Surprises”. Because he surprises me so often.

Revelation is usually a surprise – something new or a new deepening of something known.

Now here’s a surprise about revelation. Every revelation is not just an uncovering of an answer or mystery or a drawing of a curtain back onto information – it is also something that’s about the very nature of God.

A revelation is also revelation about the nature of God. If you will receive it, a revelation is an encounter with an aspect of God. That can take you closer to a more complete form of wholeness. It’s a revelation that transforms you. An encounter that transforms you. And that helps you be a bit more like God is.