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The God Listener

Hearing the Voice of God

We all want to hear God well, and nearly all of us want to hear God better.

There are horse whisperers, people who pay exquisite attention to horses and learn; there are dog whisperers, people who pay wonderfully attentive attention to dogs.

What you may not know is that there are people who help you hear God better. Not prophets who hear God for us, sometimes. (Although since Jesus came, we are to hear God for ourselves, and what a prophet says should resonate because of Holy Spirit confirming to us what a prophet says.)

These are people who are what I sometimes call, “God Listener’s”, and their job is to help you hear God better for yourself. That’s pretty amazing, isn’t it?

There is a long tradition of such ministry, going back to at least the “Desert Fathers”, usually solitary monks who lived in the desert. From them a succession of ministers have helped people hear God for themselves.

Today we often call these people, “Spiritual Directors” or “Spiritual Friends”. You can look up these terms, they are well known. There is a long tradition of such people who help others to hear God better. This is a precious ministry.

They don’t listen for you; they help you hear God better for yourself. A ministry worth having, if not having always, at least sometimes.

We have all had periods of time that are rough. I remember one particular time when that was happening to me. My computers were not working right. My dogs were misbehaving. Around the house things were not working well or would break. I prayed about it, for these things and against these things. I finally decided I must be having a problem with demons. So I told them to leave. Usually not a problem for me – but the problems persisted.

So I called on a God Listener who I knew was very good with unclean spirits and asked for help. She managed to convey to me rather quickly that the problems were not demonic in origin. The problems were being caused by my own attitude. She told me that my wrong attitude and my own energy was causing the problems with my computers, dogs, and household appliances.

This was not what I wanted to hear. I wanted her to fix the problem for me. (Sound familiar?) But, I knew she was right. Holy Spirit confirmed what she was saying.

So I changed my attitude and my energy. The problems quickly went away and disappeared. I was blessed to have the help of a good God Listener, because I needed help to hear God well. And to solve problems that I mistakenly thought were being caused by demonic spirits when it was my own attitude and energy that was causing difficulties.

When you have big problems, opportunities you are not sure what to do with, when you need good guidance – a God Listener can be a huge help – so you can more reliably and accurately hear God for yourself – especially when doing so matters even more than usual.

You can easily learn more about God Listeners, Spiritual Friends or Spiritual Directors. There is more information than you might at first suspect.

One place you can explore and learn about Spiritual Directors is on Facebook, the Group, “Holy Listening-Spiritual Director“. Also on a related website called, “Holy Listening“.

Kingdom of God Prophecy

Witness to a Prophetic Word

First, I encourage you to ask for more of Holy Spirit, and listen to what Holy Spirit has to say to you or to confirm to you.

Remember – to prophesy is to say what God is saying that he wants said. A prophecy is actually a report. And because you have Holy Spirit in you, you have a means of receiving confirmation or denial of that report.

I am reporting to you, a report to which I am a witness.

You are seeing Covid-19 create great stress for most of us, and in a growing variety of ways. Which makes all this even harder to deal with.

There is disease and there is death. Fear of death. Grief at death. Financial hardship. Pressure on individuals, families and even groups.

Lies and fear of lies. Sometimes even great difficulty in knowing what is true.

There is anxiety, fear, and anger. Judgement of others or of us, and judgement of all kinds in politics.

We do not understand how long this will go on.

Opinions, strong ones, vary so much that reaching a consensus or even knowing what’s real can be hard. Too hard.

We are all being shaken. What can be shaken, will be shaken. Only what can not be shaken will remain. (See Hebrews 12:26-29.)

That’s awful news – and it’s because we live in a broken world, full of curses, ruled by an adversarial kingdom – a world ruled by the Adversary.

Here’s some wonderful news that changes everything.

First, there is God’s part:

-1. Everything will be wonderful. The world is being re-made. Everything and everyone – all of us, are being shaken. So what is not good, sufficient, and real in the Kingdom – can fall, being shaken away. (Reminds me of fire that burns all that can be burnt.) It will be hard in the meantime. Sometimes really hard! And in the end of this shaking, our world is re-made and God transforms things for your good.

God’s rule replaces adversarial and worldly ways led by Satan. Because:

-2. The rule and Kingdom of God are within your reach – is literally at hand. (So you can reach and bring God’s rule – his Kingdom, into all areas of your life. Especially where evil is happening.)

Second, there is our part:

-3. You get to have a profound change of mind and heart about how we live. We get to depend entirely on God instead of depending on the world and worldly things for our support and lives, and for our wonderful quality of life. On our King: Jesus Christ. And on God’s rule: the Kingdom of God. To trust in and believe in God and his Kingdom rule in all parts of our lives. Instead of trusting and depending on the Adversaries rule, and instead of trusting the world and worldly things.

You get to be free of the Adversary and his works and to live in the Kingdom of God. We get to live with the King, who is with us and for us – always. God shakes and renews. God is remaking the world for our benefit. And we will be glad that the shaking is over and done!

I say that this is wonderful news!

You can ask Jesus to show you how to respond creatively, patiently, and with lasting single minded determination and you can live in right standing with God, joy and Holy Spirit rather than in anxiety, fear, anger or judgement.

Now. Ask Jesus to show you how to succeed in his Kingdom. Pause, listen, and be attentive to what you experience – receive guidance and practical help. Your Comforter and Guide, Holy Spirit, will direct your steps and comfort you through today’s difficulties. Hear God today and write in your Journal what you receive so you remember and do what God shows and tells you to do.

Please apply this view as an overlay to how you see the virus and what results from it.

Please apply this to your sphere of influence – this is where you get to minister the Kingdom of God into.