What is Prayer, Actually?

Prayer is two way communication with God.

You speak to each other; are attentive to each other, and the conversation goes back and forth.

You are transformed, more and more, into being like him. Loving, merciful, generous, patient, kind, and so on.

You act more like God, and enforce the Kingdom of God where people are healed and restored. Freed from being bound up or hindered. Freed more and more from the kingdom of darkness.

You love more and rejoice – being full of joy. Much, much more full of joy!

Everything you really need to know and do, with the power to do such things – comes through prayer – two way communication with God.

You could say that two way communication with God – prayer – is the most important thing for you to practice at until you are becoming really good at this. And then, continue praying and learning. Teach others and share what you are learning.

With experience, the building of good memories and with practice, this will become easier and easier for you. More and more joyful. The benefits will multiply – exponentially. So start – and keep on praying.

Please. Please engage in listening to and speaking to God.

The more you do so – the more you will be glad you did.

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