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Everywhere You Go!

You Have A Special Presence!

by Praying Shepherdess

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It’s exciting to know that when we repent and turn to God, He comes to live in the midst of us. That’s what He longs for.

With a deep love relationship with God, choosing to abide in Him and He in you, you are a carrier of the kingdom/authority of heaven! Everywhere you go, any place you go into, you bring in the atmosphere of heaven, and can make a tremendously positive impact!

You carry His presence and His glory, His weightiness, His ability to cause amazing and life-changing happenings! Everywhere you go, you bring an opportunity for others to have an encounter with Him…

You carry His love that’s far above any earthly love! A love so pure that forgives, and removes the offense, when we are sorry and turn to Him; a love so compassionate that thinks only good thoughts over us and has only good plans for us; His love that deeply delights in His beloved (those who turn to Him), His love that never ends…

You carry His glorious Liberty! You carry in the atmosphere of overcoming and breakthrough power; of deliverance, of healing, of miracles, of forgiveness.… in two words, freedom and wholeness…

You carry His Life that is abundant and refreshing; life-giving! You carry His peace!

You carry His wholeness; His love, His joy, His peace, His faith – all of Who He is – and don’t forget HOPE – expectancy of His glory; that He, His love and power is with and in you, and wants the opportunity to express God’s goodness to the world around you!

So, Be in love with the King! Be still and know Him: see Him, hear Him…listen to and obey Him! Honor Him and Humbly walk hand in hand, arm in arm, heart in heart, mind in mind, Spirit in spirit with Him…

And then, carry on!


I encourage you to change the above words to first person (I, me…), tailoring them, and say out loud every day! Declare them with joy! There IS power in the spoken word! (Just look at the ground you stand on…)


Bible references to ponder:

Zephaniah 3:17

Isaiah 60:1-3

John 14, 15


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Subject: Everywhere You Go You Have A Special Presence!

Approximate read time: 2 minutes