Discipleship, Getting Help

Dale Came to the Meeting

It took a few times before he did it, but finally, Dale came to the meeting. He was nervous about this, not sure how he’d fit in.

When he came he could sense the difference between here and other places. The atmosphere and mood were special. Higher energy, more exuberant. Even…dare I say it? More joyous.

And there was another important difference. Before anyone greeted him in person, he felt comfortable: Dale knew he belonged.

They greeted him first by one person, then another. Many of them greeted Dale in various ways. Two with a nod of the head, another with face pointing at his face – with a smile that opened up as he saw Dale. Two others came over to him and talk to him, one at a time. To welcome him, to make sure he knew that they were glad to have Dale here among them.

Dale realized that this isn’t like going to other places. It’s different. The energy is brighter and better.

Dale may recall little of what happened in that meeting. He’ll never forget how several people welcomed him and the quiet and pervasive joy.

This happens in good Christian meetings. This happens when Christians gather, loving one another. And not just for a newcomer, either. They all love one another and are glad to see each other. They Bring the Presence of God and God’s love to each other.

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