Hearing God Kingdom of God

Both are Real – What do you trust in and Rely on?

Differing opinions, beliefs and ideas bombard you almost daily.

Many voices. Many are popular – which can tempt us.

Your choosing of what to do becomes more difficult.

The enemy is screaming – now!

And Holy Spirit is whispering – now.

Both are authentic experiences: the loud Adversarial world system, and the Presence, power and love of God: the Kingdom of God – the holy system.

Which will we trust, rely on, and depend upon?

You are a person of God. You have authority in your sphere of influence. You can rise and transform the environment and atmosphere around you.

When you listen to, respond to and obey the whisper of Holy Spirit instead of listening to the screaming of pain, panic, fear and anger of the Adversary – you help enforce God’s Kingdom.

Which Kingdom will you enforce?

Your answer will have deep and lasting effects on your life. And in the right contexts, it can even mean freedom from sickness and also freedom from unclean spirits.

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