Discipleship, Getting Help

Attention & Faith

This man heard Paul speaking. [a]Paul, observing him intently and seeing that he had faith to be healed,
Pay attention to what they are ready for. Help them be ready and loved. Then minister. (Ye Are the Light of the World – Altus Fine Art.)

Pay attention and see what they have faith for. Help them have such faith as is needed. Say and do, with Holy Spirit, what is needed so they can be still paying attention and they have faith. Good faith.

When you pay very close attention with Holy Spirit (best is to ask for more of Holy Spirit, first) – you can tell what they are having or are able to have faith for. Look closely. Pay attention to what is going on in their attention and mind.

Then do what they require to have them affirm and act on their faith. You lead them with Holy Spirit or call on them to respond and act on their faith. To affirm it. Often, to do what they could not do before.

You may have to create a context, first. Share the Good News of the Kingdom, even if in abbreviated form, such as, “God’s loving Presence and rule is here, now. We are in the midst of this. Let this into your life (and mention the area where they need ministry). Say more, when needed to help them awaken faith.

Then you can minister more officially.

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