A Blessing can be Prophetic Prayer

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I have some friends, Tamara and Todd Engwall, who pastor an electronic church that I get to attend, and who I have long thought are especially superb at giving blessings. So much so, I wanted to learn from them how to do what they so often do so well.

Today I got new clues that give me what I expect may be an impressive start in that direction.

What I noticed today was that yes, they give a blessing, do it wonderfully well, and differently than I do. This I already knew.

So I knew that a blessing was being given.

What I had not noticed, yet, was that there were more elements to what they were doing to be noticed; it was not just a simple blessing.

Here’s what I noticed that was new for me, that thanks to a question Todd, a highly prophetic person, asked; and I was able to express with words. (This was like some prophecy, I had no idea what would be said until it was said.)

  • They give a blessing, a good one,
  • Which is prophetic, and
  • It is also a prayer. A prayer that is for someone.

Said differently, they pray; they pray for someone. They prophetically say what God says. Their prayer is full of Holy Spirit and the dynamic power of Holy Spirit.

And…their prayer is given in the form of a blessing.

When you want to do this, it’s probably a good idea to ask God how to pray for an inspiring and helpful prophetic blessing.

Notice what you experience next, it’s usually quick! Assume that’s God’s answer unless it’s out of character for God. Then minister like Jesus: do as you are told, do as you are shown.

Pray as you or shown, told, or as you feel; or as an idea that suddenly appears to be in your own head – as if it were your thought.

And keep on praying until God’s answer about how to pray is enforced!

By David Burnet

I encourage people to learn and grow, including to minister more like Jesus as shown in Scripture.

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